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We take pride in providing one-on-one quality sessions every time with a thorough functional assessment, hands-on treatment, and corrective exercises

TPI Golf

Receive an on-site Titleist Performance Institute golf assessment to help you move better and be stronger on the course


Dry needling is a great, effective tool to help with muscular restrictions by stimulating the neural, muscular, and connective tissues

About Us

Dr. Edward Kim, PT, DPT, MTC,
Cert. DN, TPI M-3
Founder, Home Team PT

Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Dr. Edward Kim always had the desire to help people feel better and move better. Edward earned his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from University of St Augustine for Health Sciences and a Bachelors of Science in Exercise and Sports Science from University of Florida.
Edward has a passion for helping clients and athletes achieve their fullest potential. So he pursued extensive training in manual therapy, dry needling, and achieved the highest level of certification with Titleist Performance Institute as a golf medical professional. Edward is dedicated and well-equipped to provide the best service to his clients with his unique skill set in the home, office, gym, or country club.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is each session?

Each session is 60 minutes long with an emphasis on movement assessment, hands-on manual therapy, and personalized exercises. We will spend the first few minutes discussing what has been going on, then a thorough head-to-toe evaluation, proceed to treatment, and finish with a custom, tailored home program for you.

What do I need?

Just enough space for a treatment table and some room to perform functional movements. We will bring everything we need in order to have you moving better in order to achieve your goals. We will have all the necessary tools and equipment.

Do you take insurance?

We are an out of network provider in order to serve you the best one-on-one quality care focused on faster recovery, less visits, all tailored to you. If any further questions, feel free to contact us for a complimentary phone consultation!


As we were lifting a chair, I felt my back give and I fell to my knees...I couldn’t move. I immediately started icing and taking anti-inflammatories. After two weeks of this, along with stretching and Chiro visits, I was still in severe pain and had difficulty walking/sitting/sleeping. Luckily, I found Edward and he worked his magic. I couldn’t believe how much better I felt after my first session. I call that a huge success! Other PT places I’ve been to provide cookie cutter exercises that they hand you on a sheet of paper to do at home and they don’t explain how the exercise benefits you. That’s not the case here. Edward got to know me/my pain and customized treatment and exercises/stretches for my situation. The care that I received at my own home was top notch and I feel great!

- Rebecca M.

I began having terrible neck and back pain during the pandemic and was hesitant to visit an office or venture out. Dr. Kim’s house-calls not only helped me physically, but also made me feel so safe with his health and safety precautions. My neck and back pain was debilitating but because of Dr. Kim’s techniques, I was able to get back to my normal activities within 2 visits! And had consecutive mornings waking up with no neck pain! He was so personable and I felt he truly listened to how I was feeling. He provided me with such informative information about my situation and taught me stretches to continue that helped improve my situation safely and quickly.

- Jessica W.

I injured my knee in a snowboarding accident in January of this year. As a result, I tried to keep weight off of my knee and caused major issues in my hip and back by overcompensating for the injured knee. I was prescribed PT but then COVID hit. Reluctant to step inside a medical facility, I found Home Team PT. Dr. Kim was great to talk to right off the bat. We set up a time, he came to my house in PPE, and got to work on getting me healthy. The sessions have been fantastic, I’m well down the path to recovery, and the best part is that I never have to leave the comfort of my home. I’ve since referred him to multiple people and they’ve all had great experiences.

- Gino E.

I made an appointment with Dr. Kim right away. He came to my office a few days later, during my lunch hour, with his portable table, equipment, and mask on. In addition to being the most convenient appointment, it was also an extremely productive appointment. Dr. Kim? More like Dr. Healing Hands. My hip was significantly better after just one treatment. He performed manual muscle and joint manipulation, taught me great stretching and strengthening exercises I could do at home, and gave me tips on modifying my running so I may continue to run and allow my hip to heal at the same time. Yes, he gave me permission to continue running. He did NOT tell me to stop running, which I appreciated so much. He listened to my concerns, understood the importance of my need to continue running, developed a treatment plan customized for me, and conveniently came to me for my appointment rather than me having to travel to him. That is the work of an excellent healthcare provider and practice.

- Wanda J.

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